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part material
Contact wire clamps CuAl9Fe3
Assembly body stainless steel
Insulators glass fibre reinforced polyester profile
label value description
Nominal voltage 750 V
Breaking load 50 kN
Slipping load of contact wire 25 kN
For proper operation of section insulator it is very important to set the magnets correctly. For this setting is crucial pole of contact line which is placed in front of the section insulator in the forward direction. See please assembly instruction below: (...Magnets orientation.pdf)
Section insulator for passage of trolleybus vehicle without current. Arcing horns with magnets extend service life of insulating part. It is possible to use it also in complete set of electrical or mechanical switch for separating of electric poles of the contact line.

Section insulators are destined for installation on contact wire Ri 100mm2, at request it is possible to supply also versions for other sections of contact wire.